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Product Review – Children’s Claritin

Grandparenting/ParentingHow many of us are having problems with seasonal allergies right now? In this house hold, I know we all are! Personally, I am on three prescriptions a day for allergies. My granddaughter just turned two so finally she is old enough to take something for her allergies. We tried using the “natural/organic” formulas. But, they were completely ineffective. I am a member of BzzAgent . They provide opportunities foe me to try products and services, in exchange for me sharing my honest opinions with people I know. About the time we had exhausted the natural alternatives, I was contacted by BzzAgent for an opportunity to try Children’s Claritin. I accepted the invitation. BzzAgent sent us a free 2 oz. bottle and some $3 off coupons. We tried it and to our surprise. Children’s Claritin (grape) has helped her so much. She is able to go preschool without having a runny nose and cough. Other parents even began to comment. I shared with them that she was taking Children’s Claritin and that I was a member of BzzAgent. I offered  them some of the $3 coupons. We have since bought 2 bottles of Children’s Claritin. Side effects were a concern for us. However, we have not seen any. It has not made her sleepy or hyper.

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10 Job Hunting Tips for Gen X’ers

After brainstorming with family and friends we came up with some ideas for staying on top your job search.

  1. Remove key age indicators from your resume, such as the year you graduated from college or high school and the time periods that you were employed.
  2. Give yourself a makeover. You’ll feel better and it really can make a difference in the way people perceive you.
  3. Explore alternative ways to supplement your income. Freelancing. Online surveys. Contract work. Part-time job.
  4. Start a blog. It will help you appear current and tech savvy.
  5. Make sure all your social media presences are cleaned up and presentable so that you can make the best first impression WHEN a potential employer looks you up. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (if you don’t have one – get one), etc.
  6. Volunteer!
  7. Take a class! Either in person or online.
  8. Stay abreast of the goings on in your industry by reading or training.
  9. Send a thank you note to the interviewer.
  10. Stay positive!
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While cothoughtnducting this job odyssey it slowly began to dawn on me that EVERYTHING is tailored towards Millennials. The resume format, the job hints, and tips for a great interview and so on. There us nothing helpful out there for people my age (I’m 49). I surmise all the writers expect Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers to be settled in careers by now. There does appear to be some generic articles, but after reading them, its the same crap, different words. Also, a lot of what I am seeing are write-ups encouraging people to become entrepreneurs. While that’s all well and good if you have a safety net or a nest egg to fall back on. Most people in the real world not, plus normal people don’t have the capital to startup a business!reason

However, I am finding out there are others like me and for whatever reason are entering into another career later in life. We need to find a way to get they word out there, Maybe this blog is a start. I always try to be positive and look for the good in things. I keep thinking, the right opportunity just hasn’t come my way yet!

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My journey so far…

crosseoadsI started out thinking it was a good idea to change careers, so I went back back to school. I got dual Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Management! Quite a feat considering I was volunteering in a retirement community and taking care of my preemie granddaughter. In there somewhere we moved and various other hiccups. At the time, the granddaughter was on monitors so there was no putting her in daycare. I stayed home with her and helped friends and family with their checkbooks, did taxes,  and other assorted bookkeeping tasks. Fast forward to present day. Now she is two, healthy, happy and in preschool.

Now I’m past ready to hit the ground running, BUT, I can’t get past the interview! I go about once a week to an interview. Everyone says they love the resume, it looks good education wise. HOWEVER, I just don’t have hands on experience! Which I know. Every time it makes me wonder why they even brought me in. I know I can do the work, it’s not hard. I just need someone, to give me a chance. Starting to think my age might have something to do with it. Although, most people think I’m my granddaughter’s mom and not grandma. I don’t think I look my age. Maybe they are afraid of the child commitment I have, I will still be her primary pickup and drop-off person. I don’t know. Maybe a combination. I always have to explain the gap of non work where took care of everyone, but stayed busy.

Frustrating. Meanwhile student loan payments will come due before too long…Yay! Not!

Later y’all!